Live Online Video Technical Support Services

Live Online Video Technical Support from LiveTech

Now your customers can receive Online video support for those tricky issues that are difficult to explain over the phone. Offer your customers LiveTech Free as an incentive or on a subscription or pay-per-view basis.

Actual screen shot of LiveTech in action.
Technicians have full control of the session.

Here’s how it works...

  1. Your technician determines that your support call requires a live video demonstration.
  2. Customers are instructed while on the phone* to login at your LiveTech enabled Web page - all they will need is Internet access and a browser window.
  3. Once on the LiveTech site, your technical support customers will have a video window to view the technicians instructions - all in real time.

It’s that simple.

LiveTech's unique program is perfect for technical support, including:

  • Instrument Calibration/Maintenance Support
  • Product Update Explainations & Demos
  • Instruction for Equipment Settings
  • Simple Repair & Service Issues

Have large machinery or equipment that needs LiveTech support?

We can design a program that fits most any need fore video support. We probably already have a program similar to your needs ready to go. Just call us to learn more.

*Recommended for optimum two-way conversation - you may also use a headset and microphone device.

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